So here we are at the end of time. Together. Like we planned.
The warning bell has sounded. It’s been clanging noisily in the background for
40 years, but whatever. The tune changed. Got real The doomsday clock has begun
to ring the Midnight hour. Cinderella has realized her error lingering over a
suit. She’s on the rundown the stairs hoping the magic holds even as sparking
shoe flies off Seriously girl, those were not made for running.

Right now, today, Saturn’s Day, March 21, 2020, Saturn
hovers at 29 degrees Capricorn.

Saturn. Time’s Master. A Founder of Civilization. Authority.
Law. Academia. Also restraint, perseverance, and judgement, it rules Cap.
Capricorn is about (hidden) resources, power, money, control. Pluto has been
activating all of Capricorn bad behavior cheating, backroom deals, playing both
sides since 2008. Much of Saturn’s previous transits through Scorpio and Sage
have felt like it was aiding and abetting Pluto as together they showed the
failings of a Supremacist society, while also amping up all the isms. In
January 2019 Saturn walked onto the scene wearing a different suit to see how
its all been working out.

These weeks now are the comeuppance of that event. Patriarch
in the form of dictators, Wounded Kings and Pompous clowns everywhere are
tested by al they have wrought as we ling in this last degree.

You can see it in the overcuture/ Now, let’s talk about you.
In these last days of Saturn’s transit through Cap look deep into your
nature/navel to find your own Wounded King. Wholeness is a process, we do not
arrive, and so it is done. Like balance, it is not static, it is always in
motion,. Like the breath, it is life. Nor do we discard, disown, disavow the evil
in our hearts. Nope. Sorry. We bring that into the fold as we can. We offer
empathy to ourselves and being the journey towards course correction. As we
gain skill in that endeavor we become braver, more willing to test for and then
beat out the dross, Annealing ourselves towards the best of who we are.

In the last hours of the dark moon in Pisces with Saturn at
29 degree Capricorn go to the Crossroads, stand naked before your Godds and
know what you have wrought.