The stellium in Capricorn has broken apart, past 6 degrees of separation. Saturn and Jupiter sit together at 0 degree Aquarius. Not the most comfortable of cusps, strict Capricorn into reach-for-the-stars Aquarius. Sounds easy. It is not. Plus, Pluto lingers behind, less potent now, but that influence won’t go away, insidious you might say. By 2023 Pluto will enter into a conj with the USA natal Pluto which is really a ‘rebirth or die’ promise. On December 27 it enters the potent 3 degree orb.

Meanwhile, the Jup/Sat conj is just one thing happening. There is a lot of action right now. Eris conj Mars in Aries squared Pluto. Mars has shown up as the People throughout 2020, as opposed to the Mob. Eris is every person pushing back the Patriarchy. There could be a solid punch in the direction of fascists and their attempts to overthrow what has already been determined.

Moon con. Chiron. Another sad day for loss of lives to Covid. The sun is approaching a fire trine to Chiron on Christmas Day. That could be a turning point. Maybe there are so many deaths on Christmas…?

Everything that is happening on Christmas Day and for several days more is bookended by the Goddess of LOVE, on fire in Sag, and the God of CHANGE, in Taurus. Venus in Sag, is radical, free-thinking love-making, burn it up and shut it down. There is nothing passionate LOVE cannot transform. The world is on fire with it, lit up, maybe angels sing maybe something else.

Uranus in Taurus, momentum is a ways away. Right now, it feels tedious. Change is at hand but real change, evolutionary Uranian lightening bolt change comes from the earth up not from political parties. Venus in Sag quincunx Uranus in Taurus is uncomfortable.

,Vesta sits at the bottom of the chart, anchoring the chaos that reigns. The planets all hang above her in a Parachute formation. She represents the hearth and home. Vesta reminds us it’s our home that matters. Our home, the Earth. All the smaller homes that exist, exist on the earth. Right down to the body, that for this brief hour hosts us.

For BrightFlame.


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