26 Sep Mars has spent all week squaring the gang of 3 in Cap. The Patriarchy is feeling progress, and rightfully so, they got some things they really wanted. Venus in Leo, trining retro Mars in Aries, tries to soften the rash anger of warriors without a just cause. There is no rebellion in Me First! and Me Only! doctrine but from the inside that is impossible to see. Mars retro in Aries has hit its peak, so Venusian softness will only be seen as weak. Mars is hungry for some (cartoon) action and doesn’t believe in consequences. Venus quincunxes Pluto and more widely Saturn and Jupiter, all in Cap but I doubt she is up to the task of wrangling these guys. Its more likely the threesome brings in the girl for the agreeable arm candy. It’s not a good day for common good nor equal justice under the law.

27 Sep            The Mars square to the Cap Cadre is heightened. Remember Mars and Pluto really have no shame. So even though Saturn does, this perfect trine between Mars and Saturn only makes Saturn more complicit by staying at the table. Mercury moves into Scorpio. Is it truth or Is it fake news? How do you know? Mercury in Scorpio is easily distracted by the rabbit hole and its promise of deep mystery. Right now that is all hype and wind up you at the bottom of hole with nothing. Except that maybe you now know what conspiracy lies smell like. Climb out, try again.

28 Sep             Mars in Aries square Saturn in Cap retro. Argh!!! It’s in our brains and in the streets. Hold tight people. Actions are confrontational. Authority appears to have its nose in the books. 

30 Sep             Saturn retrograde ends. Authority retraces its steps/actions since May 2020. Some will learn lessons, some will fail utterly at that.