We start the year off with the old year lingering. We’ve got the 5 planets
in Cap, the stellium is live and happening now, the conjunction tightens as we approach its exact point on January 12, 2020.

What we know: The totalitarian state is on the rise. Its ugh-ly out there folks. The infamous Oppressors are real, and are on the attack. Imperfect as they were, the successes of the last century are disappearing, failing. Judges collude with the defense. Comeuppance has left the room. At the Lofty Heights and Deep Below, Pluto is all brag about the bad guys. No one pays for their sins at this party. Saturn has fallen into the gutter with the King. Law has lost its virtue and so is no more.

What is coming: January 12, 2020. This transit is a one shot deal. Saturn will not retrograde over Pluto after this pass, as so many outer planet conjunctions offer. So, no ‘Third time’s a charm,’ Magic to play with, to practice over and have that third connect give you the ah-ha moment you’ve earned.

This time, this one, whether we feel it on the 12th or it just ripples out in a slow earthy way throughout the year, will change us. As if the last decade hasn’t. Wink. You know that was all just prep, right? Whether 2020 takes us to the streets or the big sigh of relief as democracy prevails through easier methods, the work is real. Change is necessary, but hard. You know this personally. Collectively its personal squared, times five-something billion. So yeah, hard work ahead. Bring hard hat, tools, and your best sense of humor.


Do you ask yourself what its like to live under a dictator? This is Saturn in Cap, educator and inquiring mind, turned to politics.

Pluto looks back deftly and a little too darkly, “Let me show you."

They are both wily old goats prancing deftly from peak to peak. Too smart for their own good, or the even the more slippery Mer-Goat swimming away fast. Politic and Law are like that right now. These are slippery times. For all the Capricorn earth influences, water has a (un)fair hand in this too.

Watch yourselves. Be smarter than those around you, to everyone’s betterment. Words and Deeds matter. Make them matter to you, cause that is where the buck stops. Open minds and firm boundaries are a peak of practice.


So here’s the good news that I don’t see anyone talking about, on January 11, 2020, Uranus goes direct, making all the planets direct for a month. In Feb and March Mercury does its retro, but after that, we get two more months of every planet direct. We haven’t had that in a long time. I’ve been watching. We’ve slogged through the last years under collective retrogrades. With only short respites of all planets direct.

2020 just might be the old rich white patrician’s final stand. Let us not forget that Jupiter is also transiting Capricorn. As things progress through Spring into Summer, Jupiter and Saturn go retro again, going over the last months ground. Which is good. Jupiter and Saturn. Justice and the Lord of Time really don’t like to be messed with. It’s true their sense of SELF has waned in the last years, who reads philosophy in high school anymore? You cannot steal from time and the Earth is still Mother of us all. Justice will catch up. For all that I’m not sure we see a change in much this year. Leave it to say Law and Justice each have their day and land into history.

By September, the outer planets are back in retrograde and the future is being decided. Yikes! doesn’t take an astrologer to tell you that. On November 3, 2020, election day in the states, Mercury stations direct. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all direct, implying that they have had their say. Justice and the Law have played their parts and are no longer driving the show. Uranus, Neptune and Mars remain retro. It’s up to the people. Can the majority see through the haze and blur, hear over the white noise of political drone and see what is the common good? Can we understand the Common Good to include our neighbor as well as ourselves?

A year from now on Solstice Night 2020, Jupiter and Saturn take hands at 0 degree Aquarius. This is hope, the long vision of Justice and the Beauty of Time.