Two weeks ago the inner planets clustered together in Cap, Aqu, Pis and Aries, one quarter of the chart was incredibly weighted. The crosstalk was so LOUD, so outrageous and so misinformed. Of course you wear a mask! Of course this is deadly. Of course we are ill prepared. Since that time those inner planets have moved on, spreading our across the wheel/globe. Sound familiar? Messages have become more distinct. Its slow though.

On April 7 the full Super Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries are going to square the Pluto Jupiter conjunction. Eris, Goddess of Discord, is also in Aries, in the midst of a long square to Pluto. All of this is coming at the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction from both sides. It’s a wonder to consider if the center will hold. Fingers will be pointed from every side. Saturn in Aquarius is clear, look to new leadership now. Look to who is leading well, with clarity, towards a common good. Humans are numb from the onslaught.

Meanwhile Neptune and Mars in Pisces make that near impossible. Everything is distorted, unclear, and fouled. Listen to experts, not pie in sky con men who only want to look good.

Let feeling and thought be fluid.
Let yourself be a waterfall.
Nothing has to stick right now .

Uranus in Taurus, our bodies are either, home, waiting it out as requested/suggested or we are out in the world needlessly.

The vibration of the world is shifting. There is magic to be found here. Underneath the worry, the despair, proportionate to society failing you. Big Evolutionary Revolutionary Change magic.