17 Sep             New moon in Virgo Make magic for what matters most to you.

21 Sep             Mercury in Libra squares Pluto retro in Cap – The Good challenge the Uncaring. It’s public but nobody wins

23 Sep             Mercury in Libra enters shadow phase. All things Mercury retro start to go wrong, show signs of failure, need fixing – you already know the drill.

27 Sep             Mercury into Scorpio Is it truth or Is it fake news? How do you know? Mercury in Scorpio is easily distracted by the rabbit hole and its promise of deep mystery. Right now that is all hype and you wind up at the bottom of hole with nothing. Except that maybe you now know what conspiracy lies smell like. Climb out, try again.

28 Sep             Mars in Aries retro squares Saturn in Cap retro. Argh!!! It’s in our brains and in the streets. Warriors challenge the status-quo. Authority is confused about how to care.

30 Sep             Saturn retrograde ends. Authority retraces its steps/actions since May 2020. Some will learn lessons, some will fail utterly at that.