17 Sep             New moon in Virgo Make magic for what matters most to you.

21 Sep             Mercury in Libra squares Pluto retro in Cap – The Good challenge the Uncaring. It’s public but nobody wins

23 Sep             Mercury in Libra enters shadow phase. All things Mercury retro start to go wrong, show signs of failure, need fixing – you already know the drill.

27 Sep             Mercury into Scorpio Is it truth or Is it fake news? How do you know? Mercury in Scorpio is easily distracted by the rabbit hole and its promise of deep mystery. Right now that is all hype and you wind up at the bottom of hole with nothing. Except that maybe you now know what conspiracy lies smell like. Climb out, try again.

28 Sep             Mars in Aries retro squares Saturn in Cap retro. Argh!!! It’s in our brains and in the streets. Warriors challenge the status-quo. Authority is confused about how to care.

30 Sep             Saturn retrograde ends. Authority retraces its steps/actions since May 2020. Some will learn lessons, some will fail utterly at that. 

It’s the second Dark Moon in Cancer in this Moon cycle.

Turn your attention to your home, your family – chosen or bio; animal, plant and mineral. Here are the things that sustain you, be it Mookie the Cat or the lemon balm in the backyard or the beloved who has ridden out the storm at your side. Here are the things you help sustain. Gather close. Remember what it means to claim family. Safety. Security. Tender. Trust. Remember you live within circles and circle of family. This is time to take that to heart. In the coming weeks we will need each other more than ever.

Riding on the Earth’s twilight, a comet flies by. What were your people doing 6800 years ago? What are your people doing now? What will your people be doing the next time it flies by?

The Sun, Mercury, Uranus cluster in Taurus makes May Day’s lust for radical physical change front and center. We become more aware of systems out of balance, our part to play. This cluster is in a wide trine to Jupiter in a separating conjunction to recently turned retrograde Pluto in Cap. Pluto’s response to the need for radical change is to over focus on radical, pretending the change is whether you can go get your hair cut or not, instead of securing free healthcare for you.  Jupiter helps to carry the message. As does Neptune at the midpoint of Pisces between the two. It’s a tight struggle  that is mostly stalemated, though the Cap team keeps steeling from larder, distracting with arguments about the right to a haircut.

The May Queen (Venus in Gemini) shows up a little cranky or utterly frivolous in a tight square with Neptune in Pisces. Sorry to say she is out of sorts and needs a damn good cry about it.

The Beltane celebration song happens between the Moon and Mars in a dynamic opposition that can be lusty and sensuous, deep and impactful OR display the long argument between Patriarchy and the Commons – that’s an argument I do not have to detail for you. Instead let’s invoke the sweet spot between change and action that equals authentic accountability. Begin the long sweet lovemaking with the earth there. You don’t have to know the answers, the destination or even how you will get there. The waxing moon will take care of that. Trust that Mars in innovative Aquarius already has some ideas.

While the shuffle and scuffle of the political sphere continues its long slow train wreck, inspiration is seeding itself. Don’t be pulled into the maelstrom created by the over-culture. Find your own practice and let it be a counter against that drama. A singing, laughing, dancing, sweating, crying, dreaming point that easily links into the whole, like a healthy cell among the many. Hold strong. The tipping point nears.

Two weeks ago the inner planets clustered together in Cap, Aqu, Pis and Aries, one quarter of the chart was incredibly weighted. The crosstalk was so LOUD, so outrageous and so misinformed. Of course you wear a mask! Of course this is deadly. Of course we are ill prepared. Since that time those inner planets have moved on, spreading our across the wheel/globe. Sound familiar? Messages have become more distinct. Its slow though.

On April 7 the full Super Moon in Libra and the Sun in Aries are going to square the Pluto Jupiter conjunction. Eris, Goddess of Discord, is also in Aries, in the midst of a long square to Pluto. All of this is coming at the Pluto/Jupiter conjunction from both sides. It’s a wonder to consider if the center will hold. Fingers will be pointed from every side. Saturn in Aquarius is clear, look to new leadership now. Look to who is leading well, with clarity, towards a common good. Humans are numb from the onslaught.

Meanwhile Neptune and Mars in Pisces make that near impossible. Everything is distorted, unclear, and fouled. Listen to experts, not pie in sky con men who only want to look good.

Let feeling and thought be fluid.
Let yourself be a waterfall.
Nothing has to stick right now .

Uranus in Taurus, our bodies are either, home, waiting it out as requested/suggested or we are out in the world needlessly.

The vibration of the world is shifting. There is magic to be found here. Underneath the worry, the despair, proportionate to society failing you. Big Evolutionary Revolutionary Change magic.

So here we are at the end of time. Together. Like we planned.
The warning bell has sounded. It’s been clanging noisily in the background for
40 years, but whatever. The tune changed. Got real The doomsday clock has begun
to ring the Midnight hour. Cinderella has realized her error lingering over a
suit. She’s on the rundown the stairs hoping the magic holds even as sparking
shoe flies off Seriously girl, those were not made for running.

Right now, today, Saturn’s Day, March 21, 2020, Saturn
hovers at 29 degrees Capricorn.

Saturn. Time’s Master. A Founder of Civilization. Authority.
Law. Academia. Also restraint, perseverance, and judgement, it rules Cap.
Capricorn is about (hidden) resources, power, money, control. Pluto has been
activating all of Capricorn bad behavior cheating, backroom deals, playing both
sides since 2008. Much of Saturn’s previous transits through Scorpio and Sage
have felt like it was aiding and abetting Pluto as together they showed the
failings of a Supremacist society, while also amping up all the isms. In
January 2019 Saturn walked onto the scene wearing a different suit to see how
its all been working out.

These weeks now are the comeuppance of that event. Patriarch
in the form of dictators, Wounded Kings and Pompous clowns everywhere are
tested by al they have wrought as we ling in this last degree.

You can see it in the overcuture/ Now, let’s talk about you.
In these last days of Saturn’s transit through Cap look deep into your
nature/navel to find your own Wounded King. Wholeness is a process, we do not
arrive, and so it is done. Like balance, it is not static, it is always in
motion,. Like the breath, it is life. Nor do we discard, disown, disavow the evil
in our hearts. Nope. Sorry. We bring that into the fold as we can. We offer
empathy to ourselves and being the journey towards course correction. As we
gain skill in that endeavor we become braver, more willing to test for and then
beat out the dross, Annealing ourselves towards the best of who we are.

In the last hours of the dark moon in Pisces with Saturn at
29 degree Capricorn go to the Crossroads, stand naked before your Godds and
know what you have wrought.


We start the year off with the old year lingering. We’ve got the 5 planets
in Cap, the stellium is live and happening now, the conjunction tightens as we approach its exact point on January 12, 2020.

What we know: The totalitarian state is on the rise. Its ugh-ly out there folks. The infamous Oppressors are real, and are on the attack. Imperfect as they were, the successes of the last century are disappearing, failing. Judges collude with the defense. Comeuppance has left the room. At the Lofty Heights and Deep Below, Pluto is all brag about the bad guys. No one pays for their sins at this party. Saturn has fallen into the gutter with the King. Law has lost its virtue and so is no more.

What is coming: January 12, 2020. This transit is a one shot deal. Saturn will not retrograde over Pluto after this pass, as so many outer planet conjunctions offer. So, no ‘Third time’s a charm,’ Magic to play with, to practice over and have that third connect give you the ah-ha moment you’ve earned.

This time, this one, whether we feel it on the 12th or it just ripples out in a slow earthy way throughout the year, will change us. As if the last decade hasn’t. Wink. You know that was all just prep, right? Whether 2020 takes us to the streets or the big sigh of relief as democracy prevails through easier methods, the work is real. Change is necessary, but hard. You know this personally. Collectively its personal squared, times five-something billion. So yeah, hard work ahead. Bring hard hat, tools, and your best sense of humor.


Do you ask yourself what its like to live under a dictator? This is Saturn in Cap, educator and inquiring mind, turned to politics.

Pluto looks back deftly and a little too darkly, “Let me show you.”

They are both wily old goats prancing deftly from peak to peak. Too smart for their own good, or the even the more slippery Mer-Goat swimming away fast. Politic and Law are like that right now. These are slippery times. For all the Capricorn earth influences, water has a (un)fair hand in this too.

Watch yourselves. Be smarter than those around you, to everyone’s betterment. Words and Deeds matter. Make them matter to you, cause that is where the buck stops. Open minds and firm boundaries are a peak of practice.


So here’s the good news that I don’t see anyone talking about, on January 11, 2020, Uranus goes direct, making all the planets direct for a month. In Feb and March Mercury does its retro, but after that, we get two more months of every planet direct. We haven’t had that in a long time. I’ve been watching. We’ve slogged through the last years under collective retrogrades. With only short respites of all planets direct.

2020 just might be the old rich white patrician’s final stand. Let us not forget that Jupiter is also transiting Capricorn. As things progress through Spring into Summer, Jupiter and Saturn go retro again, going over the last months ground. Which is good. Jupiter and Saturn. Justice and the Lord of Time really don’t like to be messed with. It’s true their sense of SELF has waned in the last years, who reads philosophy in high school anymore? You cannot steal from time and the Earth is still Mother of us all. Justice will catch up. For all that I’m not sure we see a change in much this year. Leave it to say Law and Justice each have their day and land into history.

By September, the outer planets are back in retrograde and the future is being decided. Yikes! doesn’t take an astrologer to tell you that. On November 3, 2020, election day in the states, Mercury stations direct. Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto are all direct, implying that they have had their say. Justice and the Law have played their parts and are no longer driving the show. Uranus, Neptune and Mars remain retro. It’s up to the people. Can the majority see through the haze and blur, hear over the white noise of political drone and see what is the common good? Can we understand the Common Good to include our neighbor as well as ourselves?

A year from now on Solstice Night 2020, Jupiter and Saturn take hands at 0 degree Aquarius. This is hope, the long vision of Justice and the Beauty of Time.



New Moon in Sagittarius

Make an arrow of what you most desire, long for, where and how you want the world, your world, the world around you, the greater world, to be a year from now. Vision it. Go wild. Dream big. Its Sagittarius we are talking here! Use all the things at your disposal

Your sadness, your fury, your love, your hope, your amazing imagination, your willingness to grow, your breath, your voice, the energy of crafting, the energy of the earth. Its all been swirling and percolating these long months of 2019. Now is not the time to hold back.

Gather it all up, together or piece by piece, and and craft yourself one fine arrow made of will/desire/hope.

Whether you know it or not, you’ve got a good strong, well strung, bow right there at your side. Its made of all the success your walked into and through. Own it. Reach for it. Place that arrow and fire that baby into the next year, the time past elections however they may go, the time when work is revealed and known.

And see it go, firey and bright, dark and secret. See it disappearing past the known world, into the future, the place of possibility.
Blessed be.

Solar Eclipse in Cancer. Right now its all pointing to or circling around the North Node in Caner. How are you at doing YOU? You get a few days to ponder that and then three weeks to review life for any course corrections, which can begin in earnest after August 7.

Don’t sell yourself short. Take yourself wide. Reach to grow. You deserve you at the highest, best level of YOU. Call it Godd self. Call it higher power. Call it authenticity. I really don’t care what you call it as long as you do the work to know yourself.

New Moon in Gemini

Everyone has dreams. Conservatives have dreams. Liberals have dreams. All the IDs in between and beyond have dreams. They speak to our lack, and our ability. So, what are your dreams? For you, for your community, for your state (such as it is), for this planet? Write them down. Journal about your gifts and challenges. Know where you want to grow. Know what you want to leave behind, compost. Let this be the To-Do List underneath your daily to-do’s.

We are at the front edge of our creative/destructive patterns.  The planets are set up in an interesting pyramid shape. Neptune in Pisces (the big Dreamer is dreaming big) leads the way, the point of the arrowhead. Pluto-R and Saturn (in Cap) with Jupiter-R (in Scorpio) offer propulsion from one side. Mars (in Cancer), and all the inner planets (In Gemini and Taurus) plus Uranus, offer lift from the other side. Everyone of the planets is in some aspect to Neptune.  Like it or not, the arrow has been shot, we are going somewhere.

For me, this is a perfect description of the current state of affairs. The old Guard (Pluto-R, Saturn, Jup-R) wants its old way – White Men on top and everyone else in their appropriate place, doing what they are told. The other side, starts with Mars offering the strength of community and movements. All the voices clamor in Gemini, we all need to be heard. Uranus demands a complete reboot of how we treat the world we live in.

Here’s the thing. It is hard. If we limit ourselves through our fear it’s even harder. Ever try to bring a dream live? Give it legs and momentum to move and change and develop? Remember all the internal things that have to be moved around, melted away or built up? That’s all of us now. We are in a critical balance, driving forward, each with a destination in mind but all of us linked together.

Pluto goes Retro in Capricorn.

A redo of the recent past. Ah, what fun. Between now and October 3rd we’ll review, redo, restate, reinvigorate our personal and collective dance with power. In a week, Saturn, also in Cap, will retrograde as well. In the planet wide consortium power has taken precedence over care, love, grace. Its not time to hope for improvement, though it is always time to work against injustice. Right now we are treading water to stay afloat, and while that is tiresome, we can only do what we can do.

All that gibber-jab we are listening to in the media right now (Jupiter in Sag just can’t resist a story, any story. Doesn’t have to be true.) is also up for re-evaluation but don’t expect much as Jupiter in Sag retro grade just allows for the lies to be bigger, bolder, and without care for repercussions. In other words, Jupiter in Sag is not really our ally in the big wide world.

By Mid-summer we’ll have all the outer planets, except for Uranus, in retrograde. Helpful? Maybe. Its not until Uranus goes retro in August that I see the beginning of the course correction we all so badly need, the one many of us work and pray for every day. Which won’t make the job any easier but we’ll start to see the glimmer of understanding in places we discounted for years.